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ATF Kits

ATF grain kits have been carefully formulated and come with a detailed recipe and instructions.

ATF Grainfather Kits have been specifically designed to be brewed on the Grainfather, whereas ATF All Brewery Kits can be brewed on any brewing set up.

Some of the ATF All Brewery Kits employ whirlpool hopping for an extended period at a set temperature. If you are unable to achieve this with your brewing set up an alternative hop burst recipe is available.

To ensure the target water profile and mash pH is achieved brewing salts are included in each kit for brewers using the following source waters:

  • Paraparaumu/Waikanae/Peka Peka
  • Te Horo
  • Paekakariki
  • Wellington
  • Rainwater

The target water profile is provided for brewers using another source water so that the correct mineral/acid additions can be calculated to achieve the target water profile and mash pH.