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Free shipping for orders of $150 or more. Some exclusions apply.

All-grain Recipes

All of the recipes on this page are based on achieving a post boil efficiency of 85%. You may need to make adjustments to the recipe to reflect the post boil efficiency of your brewing system.

All of the water chemistry additions are based on using Paraparaumu/Raumati/Waikanae tap water. Target water profiles are provided for each recipe to enable you to adjust these additions as required to achieve the target water profile based on the mineral content of the water you are using.

Ale Recipes

Anzac Biscuit Ale - PDF - Grainfather

Apricot Delight (APA) - PDF - Grainfather

German Wheat Beer - PDF - Grainfather

Hoppy Beginnings (APA) - PDF - Grainfather

The Smoked Bee (Smoked Beer) - PDF - Grainfather

Russian River Pliny the Elder (original) - PDF - Grainfather - Zymurgy Article & Recipe

No water chemistry information is included in the recipe provided by Vinnie. Targeting 300ppm of sulphate and a mash pH of 5.4 would be a good starting point.

Riwaka Blonde (APA) - PDF - Grainfather

RyeIPA (IPA) - PDF - Grainfather

Supercharger Clone (APA) - PDF - Grainfather

Lager Recipes

Bohemian Pilsner (Gladfield Malt) - PDF - Grainfather

Bohemian Pilsner (Weyermann Malt) - PDF - Grainfather

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