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ATF Extract Recipe - Kiwi Pilsner

The ATF Extract Recipe - Kiwi Pilsner showcases the unique qualities of New Zealand hops with aromas of orange citrus and passionfruit up front with tropical fruit, lemon, lime, and stone fruit being a strong supporting act. It is a great summer beer with a firm bitterness and a dry finish.

Yeast is not included in the kit. We recommend using four packets of Mangrove Jack's Bavarian Lager Yeast if you are fermenting cold. If you are fermenting warm we recommend using two packet of Mangrove Jack's Californian Lager Yeast or one packet of Fermentis SafLager W-34/70.

Selecting the yeast from the dropdown box above will add one packet to your cart. Please click the + symbol beside the amount to increase this to the recommended quantity.

The Details

Approx. OG 1.052
Est. FG 1.010
Est. ABV 5.50%
Est. IBU 34 - 38
Colour Golden
Volume 23L
Recommended Yeast (cold fermentation) MJ Bavarian Lager
Recommended Yeast (warm fermentation) MJ Californian Lager
Recommended Yeast (warm fermentation)
SafLager W-34/70


Kit Includes

  • Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series Pilsner
  • Mangrove Jack's Pure Liquid Malt Extract 1.2kg - x 2
  • Pacific Jade, Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka, Motueka - 70g 

Additional Equipment Needed

  • Stainless steel pot large enough to comfortably hold 10 litres.
  • Stainless steel spoon to stir wort.
  • Thermometer