Black Rock Unhopped Crystal LME - 1.7kg

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Brewed with 21% crystal malt and 79% lager base malt. Black Rock UME Crystal concentrated brewery wort is a light brown colour (25 EBC, 12 SRM). Crystal malts are the most popular specialty grain used to add a sweet malt balance to Pale Ales and related styles.

Costly, time-consuming all grain processes are not necessary to create quality craft wort at home. Discerning home brewers are always looking to improve their brewing techniques and beer quality. With this in mind, the master brewers at Black Rock have expertly brewed the highest quality fresh wort in a state-of-the-art Krones brewery, using only the finest fresh NZ wheat and malt before gently evaporating to 80 brix for your convenience.

SRM 12 
Malt: 79% lager, 21% crystal malt