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Carbonating Keg Lid

This is a Carbonation Keg Lid complete with silicon lid seal and a diffusion stone. Force carbonate your beer faster with the built-in 0.5 micron diffusion stone.

When the CO2 is connected, it sends a tremendous number of gas bubbles out through the beer. The miniscule bubbles create a huge amount of surface area to help absorb CO2 rapidly into the beer. This is actually a miniature version of a device used by commercial breweries everywhere.

Rather than risking over carbonating the beer by increasing the pressure on the keg to 30PSI - 40PSI to quickly carbonate, the Carbonating Keg Lid allows you to quickly carbonate your beer at your serving pressure resulting in perfectly carbonated beer every time.

For best results connect the co2 to the keg gas post to apply head pressure on the beer before connecting the co2 to the Carbonating Keg lid. Ensure your lid with diffusion stone is sanitised before fitting. 

Please Note: Do not touch the stone with your fingers! The oils in your skin will clog the tiny pores. Please handle with gloves.

Clogged Stone?

The best method for unclogging a stone is to pump CO2 at about 1-2psi through the stone and use an electric kettle to boil the stone for at least 5 minutes and then store it in a ziplock bag until next use. 

If that is not an option we recommend using some acid based sanitiser such as Star San or Total San to remove bacteria from the outside and to help unclog the stone.