Grainfather Complete Brewery Kit

The Grainfather Complete Brewery Kit has everything you need to begin your all grain brewing adventure. Not only that, but with a two tap kegerator, bottling is a thing of the past. 

Included in the kit are:

Grainfather Connect

Grainfather Sparge Water Heater

Mangrove Jack’s 2 Tap Kegerator

  • Including a C02 regulator, gas and liquid disconnects and tubing and a 2 tap beer tower with 2 chrome plated taps.
  • Can fit up to 3 x 19 L cornelius kegs or one 50 L commercial keg
  • Thermostat 0°C up to 28°C
  • Temperature is controlled using a front mounted digital thermostat so it is easy to set the optimum temperature for the type of beers being dispensed.

Mangrove Jack’s 19L Keg x 2

 Grainfather Stainless Steel Paddle

  • This high quality stainless steel paddle is used to stir the grain when adding to your boiler as well as patting down the foam during the boil. It is important that you use a stainless steel paddle over plastic, as plastic will melt at high temperatures and tends to leach.

CO2 Cylinder (2.3kg)


  • This is a great tool to more conveniently measure your SG or Brix % when using your Grainfather. When using a hydrometer, you need to get a trial jar sample of wort from your Grainfather when it is near boiling and then wait for the wort to cool before getting a reading. With the refractometer you only need to take a small sample using a spoon or pipette straight from the Grainfather and only wait a few seconds before dropping a very small sample on to your refractometer.

Grainfather High Performance Cleaner

Mangrove Jack’s 25L Stainless Steel Fermenter

  • 25L capacity fermenter
  • High grade #304, scratch resistant, stainless steel body
  • Handles for easy lifting of the fermenter
  • Seamless inside finish for easy cleaning to prevent contamination
  • Litre measurement stamped on inside body of fermenter
  • Tap compatible with brew bottler (40300) for easy bottling
  • Include airlock and bung
The Grainfather Complete Brewery is available for pick up only. The kit may not be held in stock and may take 2 - 3 business days to be ordered into the shop. Only available while stocks last.

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