Kegerator/Keezer Starter Kit with 6mm ID / 10mm OD Beer & Gas Line

$364.90 NZD

Kegging your beer and keeping it cold will help to keep your beer at its best for as long as possible, and there is nothing quite like pouring a nice cold beer at the end of a long day.

This starter kit provides you with the basic items you need to set up your kegerator or keezer. You will also need a fridge or freezer (temperature controlled) to keep your keg of beer cold and a co2 cylinder to carbonate and serve.

To ensure you get a good pour when serving at between 10 PSI - 12PSI this kit provides you with 7m of Beer & Gas Line. Use 0.5m to connect the MK4 CO2 Regulator to the Gas Barbed Ball Lock Disconnect and 6.5m to connect the Beer Barbed Ball Lock Disconnect to the Tail Piece on the Stainless Steel Shank - 3/16 inch bore.

Use the clamps to secure the line and ensure there are no leaks.

This kit includes:

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We recommend you use Liquid Line Cleaner to periodically clean the beer lines.