Mad Millie Kombucha Crock/Fermenter - 4L


$119.90 NZD

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Mad Millie's beautiful ceramic Kombucha Crock is the perfect fermenter for Kombucha. With this crock you can make up to 4 L of booch per batch. Whether you are a beginner or brew regularly, this crock is a perfect size. 

Discover the amazing health properties of Kombucha and impress your friends and family with a continuous supply on tap! 

Fermenting Kombucha yourself gives you the freedom to have as much or as little tart zing as you want. You can get creative with different tea varieties and flavouring during the second ferment. Drink it straight from the tap or use it in a delicious concoction! 

Key Features: 

  • Ceramic
  • 4 L Capacity
  • Lead-Free Interior 
  • Stainless Steel Tap (Kombucha is very acidic and could leach compounds out of soft metals)
  • Stylish design and colour will look great on any kitchen benchtop 


25 cm H (including lid)
23 cm W (including handles)
23 D (including tap)