Robobrew Gen 3.1 (Brewzilla 35L) False Bottom

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A replacement false bottom for the Robobrew Gen 3.1 (Brewzilla 35L). The false bottom sits at the bottom of the Robobrew and stops particulates from blocking the pump (essentially acting as a pump filter).

It also fits nicely at the bottom the Grainfather to provide the Grainfather with an upgraded pump filter. Due to the larger surface area of the false bottom it is much more effective at filtering out particulates. The addition of a false bottom to the Grainfather may:

  • reduce the risk of scorching at the bottom of the kettle
  • reduce the risk of trub and hops (particularly in highly hopped beers) covering the Grainfather's smaller pump filter and blocking the flow of wort to the pump.

The BSP Socket 1/2 Inch work well as weights to keep the false bottom in place.

Please note: It does not come with the eye-bolt and locking nuts.