Stainless Steel Intertap Beer Tap

$59.95 NZD

This Intertap SS model is made from polished 304 stainless steel with a smooth bore to create completely laminar flow and foam free dispensing of beer.

Typically most beer taps use a rear sealing design and the beer in the tap drains from the body of the tap with the help from a vent hole drilled at the front of the tap. This drainage hole is a dark and wet cavity and is an ideal place for airborne bacteria and wild yeast to reproduce leaving a foul film that deteriorates the quality of your beer. Every time the faucet is opened contamination can occur. When closing the Intertap tap, the forward sealing design shuts off the flow at the front of the tap which in turn helps keep wild yeast and bacteria out of the interior of the tap body. 

Intertap uses a threaded spout that can easily be removed and replaced with a range of other spouts including:
- Stout Spout
- English Sparkler Spout
- Growler Filler
- Ball Lock Post Spout 

Requires a shank and tap handle, sold separately.

Note that this is the stainless model, not to be confused with the chrome plated brass version.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Generation: 2