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Fermentis Yeast


Fermentis produce a range of high quality brewing yeasts for use by both commercial brewers and home brewers alike allowing you to produce a wide range of beer styles.

Fermentis produce the ubiquitous SafAle US-05, which is one of the most popular brewing yeasts in the world and is perfect for your American style ales (and many more)

In addition Fermentis produce yeasts suitable for the brewing of many popular beer styles.

Type of Beer Characteristics Suggested Yeast
NEIPA Juicy, hoppy, hazy S-33, K-97, S-04
Weissen Hazy, wheat base, phenolic, citrussy WB-06
Blanche Hazy, wheat base, refreshing, spicy WB-06, T-58, K-97
Pils Lager Beer, blond to golden, brilliant, refreshing, drinkable, slightly crispy, medium bitterness, highly digestible, neutral, malt or gently fruity W-34/70, S-189, S-23
Session Blond, light body, low alcohol, hoppy, high drinkability BE-134, K-97, US-05
Kolsch Blond, palatable, low alcohol, low bitterness, gently fruity K-97, US-05, S-04
IPA Blond to amber, dry and hoppy S-04, US-05
Tripel Blond to amber, high alcohol, malty, fruity, full body, roundness HA-18, US-05, BE-256, S-33, K-97
Saison Blond to amber, refreshing, very dry, low alcohol, gently acidic and yeasty, hoppy, gently saturated BE-134, WB-06, T-58
Bitter Blond to amber, medium body and residual sweetness balanced with high bitterness, hop character S-33, S-04, US-05
Ales (Pale/Amber/Brown) Blond to brown, medium alcohol content, fruity (estery), more or less matly tastes and notes, nutty, caramel S-04, BE-256, US-05
Dubbel Amber to brown, full bodied, malty, fruity, caramel, roundness HA--18, S-33, S-04, BE-256
Scotch Amber to brown, full bodied, matly and lightly hoppy HA-18, S-33, S-04
Barley Wine Amber to brown, woody, slightly saturated, maderised, stewed fruit HA-18, S-33, T-58, BE-256, K-97
Porter Mild to dark brown with red tine, roast malt flavour and aroma, sweet to bitter flavour, medium body, fruity esters S-04, BE-256, US-05
Stout Dark, creamy, smooth body, chocolate, coffee, roasted S-33, S-04
Imperial Stout Dark, high alcohol, warm mouthful, chocolate, coffee, roasted HA-18, T-58, BE-256, US-05

Click here to learn more about how Fermentis produce their dry yeast and for some guidance for the use of their yeast.