Hi, my name is Patricio Marshall, the owner of All Things Fermented.

After having spent over 20 years in banking and finance I have decided to follow my passion for all things fermented by opening this store.

I have been a brewer for over a decade and began my brewing journey with a Black Rock Nut Brown Ale kit. This first brew got me hooked and I quickly began researching brewing and made the move to all grain.

Since then I have brewed hundreds of beers and continued to research brewing and in particular fermentation. This has expanded to a passion for all things fermented.

I enjoy researching the art and science behind brewing, wine making, distilling, cheese making, yoghurt making, bread making, and fermented foods in general. I am looking forward to exploring all of these things further

It is my intention for All Things Fermented to cater to everyone, whether they are a cheese maker, a baker, a distiller, a brewer, a wine maker, or a lover of fermented foods.

Although I have been brewing for some time now I still make the odd rookie mistake as you can see. After transferring a very nice IPA to a keg for serving I forgot the fermenter was still under pressure and ended up covered in hop sludge.