On 5 April 2024 the supplier of Grainfather, Mangrove Jack's, Still Spirits, & Mad Millie increased the cost of the majority of products. Unfortunately this means as new stock arrives prices may increase.

On 5 April 2024 the supplier of Grainfather, Mangrove Jack's, Still Spirits, & Mad Millie increased the cost of the majority of products. Unfortunately this means as new stock arrives prices may increase.


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John Guest Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Working Pressure and Temperature Range

Super Speedfit fittings are suitable for the following pressures and temperatures. 



5/32″ – 5/16″
4mm – 8mm

3/8″- 1/2″
10mm – 22mm

-20°C  16 Bar 10 Bar
Potable Liquids and Air    
+1°C  16 Bar  10 Bar
 +20°C  16 Bar  10 Bar
 +65°C  10 Bar   7 Bar

Also suitable for vacuum

Depending on the tube used, under certain conditions fittings may be used at higher pressures and temperatures. Please refer to our Customer Services Department for guidance. Note 1 Bar = 14.5 PSIG.

Tube Types

Plastic Tube – Polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane conforming to the tolerances shown below. For soft tubing or thin wall tube we recommend the use of tube inserts.

Installation and System Testing

Fittings should be kept clean and undamaged before use.
All fittings installations must be pressure tested after installation to ensure system integrity before use.

1/4 Turn Valves

These valves have been designed to allow temporary servicing of downstream equipment and must only be used in the fully open or fully closed position.
DO NOT USE THESE VALVES: In a partially open position to control flow; to provide a permanent termination; without tubing assembled or plugged (or threaded connections sealed, or as a tap or “faucet”.


For use with chemicals or other potentially aggressive liquids, please refer to our Customer Services Department. In general, use only water or oil based paint. DO NOT ALLOW CONTACT WITH Cellulose based paint, paint thinners or strippers, solder flux or aggressive cleaners (see Cleaners and Sanitising). Keep away from ozone generators such as electric motors, mercury vapour lamps and high voltage electrical equipment.

Super Speedfit fittings are not recommended for use with explosive gases, petroleum spirits, and other fuels or for central heating systems.


Food Quality

NSF standard 51 listed fittings in this brochure are produced in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant materials and are therefore recommended for food quality applications.

Maximum Torque Values for Plastic Threads BSP, BSPT & NPT.

Plastic threads are not generally as strong as brass threads. Customers and end users should be aware of this when choosing products for their applications. Overtightening of plastic threads will cause undue stress and eventual cracking and leakage. The maximum torque figures for BSP and BSPT threads used on John Guest fittings in mating threads conforming to the relevant BS or International thread standards are shown below.


1/8 – 1/4

3/8 – 1/2






John Guest recommend OEM customers to consider replacing threaded ports with the more modern Cartridge Systems.
It is recommended that all installations are checked prior to use to determine that a seal has been made.

Maintenance and Replacement Intervals

John Guest products generally require little maintenance but as a minimum we recommend routine visual inspection. Frequency of visual inspection will depend on severity of application and risk of failure. If after visual inspection John Guest products appear damaged, cracked, charred, discoloured, heat distorted or corroded they should be replaced. Any product that is or appears to be leaking should be replaced.

Product life is affected by the severity of the application, the hostility of the working environment and contact with aggressive chemicals or liquids. It is therefore important that specific replacement intervals be considered by specifiers/users/customers based on previous service life or when failure could result in unacceptable downtime, damage or injury risk.

Cleaners and Sanitising of Fittings

The external surfaces of John Guest products must not come into contact with oxidising or acidic cleaners and sanitising agents, for example (but not limited to) those below pH 4, high in sodium hypochlorite level (bleach) or containing hydrogen peroxide. Our plastic material suppliers recommend ECOLAB Oasis 133 as a suitable cleaner for the external surfaces of products manufactured by John Guest. Several different methods exist for sanitising the internal surfaces of fluid systems, including sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide or ozone. It is entirely the responsibility of the end user to determine if the chosen method is suitable for use with John Guest products over the planned working life of the system. However, to avoid unnecessary early failure, John Guest requires that the disinfection solution must be immediately flushed out at all draw off points with fresh, wholesome water at the end of the disinfection period. The solution must not be left in the system. Disinfection solutions must only come into contact with the internal (fluid carrying) surfaces of the system. If any other surfaces of a fitting come into contact with disinfection solution the whole fitting must be replaced immediately. Polypropylene fittings offer greater resistance to aggressive chemicals than Acetal fittings but do not have the same mechanical properties. John Guest polypropylene fittings are generally designated by the part number prefix PP or PPM.

Side Loads

John Guest products are not designed to be used whilst under side load as this may adversely affect their ability to function long-term. Always ensure tubes have good alignment with the fitting. They must also not be subjected to any form of impact or other damage, such as being hit or dropped, even accidently. If fittings have damaged or suffered an impact, they should be replaced immediately. John Guest warranty does not cover loss caused by any form of damage.