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Brewing Resources

The art and science of brewing can be daunting at times as the more you learn, the more you find there is to learn. Below are some websites that both beginning and advanced brewers will find helpful.


All Things Fermented Brewers Group

The All Things Fermented Brewers Group is a place for brewers to share their brewing stories, ask questions, and share ideas and knowledge.


A Beginners Guide to Home Brewing

A good little article, with links to various other guides, that beginning home brewers may find helpful. 


How to Brew e-book

How to Brew is an excellent book written by the well renowned American home brewer John Palmer. The 1st edition of the book is available free online and is a great resource for brewers just starting out on their brewing odyssey as well as for brewers who are well on their way. The book has been revised a number of times and is now up to the 4th edition.




Brewers Friend Calculators

Brewers Friend provides cloud based brewing software for the beginning brewer through to the advanced brewer. To use all of Brewers Friends features requires an annual subscription, however they also provide a great range of tools that are free to use including a comprehensive water chemistry calculator.








American Homebrewers Association

The American Homebrewers Association website provides brewers with a range of resources including basic guides on how to brew along with recipes for both the beginner and advanced brewer. 

The AHA forum contains a wealth brewing information with contributions from some of Americans most well known and renowned brewers.



Bru'n Water

Bru'n Water was created by Martin Brungard P.E., D.WRE. Martin is a well known American homer brewer and a professional engineer with over 30 years experience specialising in water services.

Bru'n Water offers Homebrewers and Craftbrewers a tool to quickly and accurately assess and modify their brewing water to fit their current mash grist.  This program provides brewers with the ability to check and evaluate:

  • the reported quality of their water source and water report,
  • calculate acid additions for sparging water adjustment,
  • calculate how to adjust the mashing and brewing water to meet a particular water profile, and
  • accurately assess if the mash water chemistry will produce an appropriate mashing pH.


The Mad Fermentationist

Michael Tonsmeire, a.k.a The Mad Fermentationist, has a cult following particularly among lovers of sour and/or funky beers. His website contains a regularly updated brewing blog, recipes, and brewing articles, all of which are well worth a read.



The team at Brülosophy have conducted and continue to conduct a large number of exBEERiments such as "Kettle hop vs Hop Stand" and "The Mash: Single Infusion vs Hochkurz Step mash". They also provide hop reviews via The Hop Chronicles as well as a range of recipes and brewing methods.


Experimental Brewing

Experimental Brewing is brought to you by Denny Conn and Drew Beechum, two well known and award winning American home brewers and the authors of Experimental Home Brewing. Their site contains a regularly updated brewing blog, brewing experiments, and a regular podcast hosted by Denny and Drew.