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Gladfield Malt is a family owned business based in the heart of the Canterbury Plains producing an ever growing range of high-quality, hand crafted, 100% natural malts.

By maintaining complete control over their grains, malts, and roasting process, they are able to ensure the product you produce has the colour, flavour, and importantly the quality to set you apart.

Gladfield Malt has an ever expanding range of unique malts catering to both brewers and distillers alike. 

Click here to  view the full Gladfield Malt range and each malts typical malt analysis.

Click here to go to the Gladfield Malt recipe page for some inspiration for the use of their malts.

All grain is available for purchase in kilograms, or per 100 grams. If you wish to purchase a specific amount of grain, such as 150g, please email us.