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ABV Aromazyme - 1.2g

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ABV Aromazyme is a food-grade enzyme preparation with a strong glycosidase activity that enables biotransformation to occur during fermentation creating a range of potentially bold new primarily fruity flavours. Biotransformation is particularly sought after when brewing NEIPA (hazy) beers.

With a dosage rate of 0.05g/L, this vacuum sealed pouch containing 1.2g of Aromazyme is sufficient to dose 23L - 24L of beer.

For Optimal Results

When using ABV AROMAZYME, the following factors should be considered: Dry-hopping early in fermentation will result in greater extraction of terpene glycosides. Add the enzyme mid-fermentation to allow time for the enzyme to break down glycosides and the actively fermenting yeast to consume the glucose released from the reaction, while minimising volatile loss from CO2 stripping. Avoid adding enzyme after filtration.

  • Increases the diversity of hop flavours and aroma by changing the ratio
    of specific terpene compounds
  • Enhances the beer mouthfeel and drinkability by reducing unpleasant harsh bitterness
  • Slightly increases wort fermentability
  • Expresses more character from less sophisticated hop varieties
Dosage Rate & Application
  • The recommended dosage is 5g/hL (0.05g/L).
  • ABV AROMAZYME has optimal activity between pH 3.5-6.5, although lower activity is still observed at pH 3.0 for use in sour beers. The optimal temperature range is 15-65ºC.
  • Dilute the enzyme in an adequate amount of water (~ 1g in 10ml) to ensure even distribution within the fermenter.

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No reviews