ATF Emersons Bookbinder Clone

This is our interpretation of Emerson’s Bookbinder. In Emerson’s own words Bookbinder is:

A wonderfully drinkable interpretation of a classic English ale. Bookbinder is a blend of four malts combined with two classic Nelson grown European hops (Fuggles and Riwaka). The beer pours an attractive reddish brown, with a cream coloured head. Bookbinder has a sweet, perfumey, malt and hop aroma with a soft, malty, fruit and vinous palate that is both full flavoured and refreshing with a long, gently drying finish.

Yeast is not included in the kit. We recommend using one packet of Fermentis Safale S-04.

The grain bill for this recipe is under 4kg. It is recommended you consider using the Grainfather Micro Pipework, which has been designed for use with smaller grain bills.

The Details

Post Boil Kettle Volume @ 20℃: 24 L
Post Boil Efficiency: 85%
Target Original Gravity: 1.038
Target Final Gravity: 1.010
ABV: 3.7%
Colour (SRM): 14.53
IBU (calculated): 29.4

This kit is contains:

Detailed recipe and instructions.

Grain (milled or unmilled)

  • Ale
  • Pilsner
  • Medium Crystal
  • Light Chocolate


  • Riwaka
  • Fuggle

Brewing salts (if required)

Please select the source water you will be using to receive the correct salts. The target water profile is provided for brewers using another source water so that the correct mineral/acid additions can be calculated to achieve the target water profile and mash pH. Brewing salts and lactic acid can be purchased here.

Kettle Finings

  • Brewers Carageenan

Yeast Nutrient

  • Yeast Vit


    This kit is only put together when ordered. All hops are kept vacuumed sealed and refrigerated. Yeast is also kept refrigerated.