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Free shipping for orders of $150 or more. Some exclusions apply.

ATF ESB - Grainfather

English Strong Bitter is often referred to as English Pale Ale or Extra Special Bitters. It is characterised by a firm bitterness (often falling in the range of 30 to 50 IBUs), however it should not overpower the malt. Balance is important and most examples range from balanced to moderately bitter.

It should have a moderate hoppy flavour and aroma, with a complex malt and yeast character. It is common for caramel/crystal malts to be used.

The ATF ESB has a complex malt flavour and aroma consisting of a malty biscuity base with layers of light to dark caramel flavours. In the background are delicate fruity esters provided by the yeast.

The hopping provides a firm bitterness that nicely balances the malt character along with a pleasant resinous, citrusy, herbal flavour and aroma with a spicy undertone. Whilst the hop flavours and aromas are apparent, they do not dominate.

The beer has a full, almost silky mouthfeel, that finishes moderately dry.

Yeast is not included in the kit. We recommend using two packets of the Mangrove Jack's Liberty Bell Yeast, or you could also try two packets of the Lallemand London ESB Yeast.

Selecting the yeast from the dropdown box above will add one packet to your cart. Please click the + symbol beside the amount to increase this to two packets.

Please note the Lallemand London ESB Yeast is not able to utilise maltotriose, which may result in lower attenuation, and a fuller mouthful with some residual sweetness. It is important to follow the mash instructions to achieve a fermentable wort with a lower percentage of maltotriose in order to avoid a high finishing gravity.

The Details

Post Boil Kettle Volume @ 20℃: 24 L
Post Boil Efficiency: 85%
Target Original Gravity: 1.062
Target Final Gravity: 1.014
ABV: 6.3%
Colour (SRM): 11.43
IBU (calculated): 41.5

This kit is designed to brewed on the Grainfather and contains:

Detailed recipe and instructions and a link to the Grainfather recipe.

Grain (milled or unmilled)

  • Maris Otter
  • Pale Caramalt
  • Caramalt
  • Dark Crystal


  • Moutere - Bittering
  • Admiral
  • Target

Brewing salts (if required)

Please select the source water you will be using to receive the correct salts. The target water profile is provided for brewers using another source water so that the correct mineral/acid additions can be calculated to achieve the target water profile and mash pH. Brewing salts and lactic acid can be purchased here.

Kettle Finings

  • Brewers Carageenan

Yeast Nutrient

  • Yeast Vit


    This kit is only put together when ordered. All hops are kept vacuumed sealed and refrigerated. Yeast is also kept refrigerated.

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