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ATF Sabrodaze (NEIPA)

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ATF Sabrodaze will leave you in a tropical hoppy daze. Loaded with Sabro (12.5g/L in the boil & approx. 13.6g/L in the dry hop) it has a wonderful tropical fruit aroma with pineapple to the fore and hints coconut in the background with a soft, almost creamy mouthfeel.

Designed to be quick to brew and ferment, ATF Sabrodaze can be brewed in 3 hours and fermented in 3 days, plus another 2 days for dry hopping.

In addition to what is supplied with the kit you will also require between 3g and 12g of baking soda.

In order to achieve the desired mouthfeel for this beer it is important to use the required brewing salts to achieve the target water profile and to add the baking soda as per the recipe.

Yeast is not included in the kit. We recommend Lallemand Voss Kveik or Mangrove Jack's Voss Kveik.

Please Note: Kettle finings are not provided with this kit as beer clarity is not required for this style of beer.

Fermentation Temperature

Voss Kveik is an exceptional yeast capable of delivering excellent beer at very high fermentation temperatures. 

Lallemand Voss Kveik has a recommended fermentation temperature range of 25℃ - 40℃ with an optimal temperature range of 35℃ - 40℃.

Mangrove Jack's Voss Kveik has a recommended fermentation temperature range of 20℃ - 40℃ with an optimal temperature range of 30℃ - 40℃.

When fermenting between 35℃ - 40℃ fermentation can be complete in just 24 - 72 hours with the beer being drinkable straight away, however it will be at its best after one to two weeks of conditioning (preferably cold conditioning).

We recommend fermenting the ATF Sabrodaze at 39℃ for 3 days before cooling the beer to 4℃ before dry hopping. When cooling the beer care should be taken to avoid oxidising the beer. Please refer to the ATF Dry Hopping Techniques and How to minimise Oxidation article for some options. 

The Details

24 L Batch

48 L Batch

Pre-boil Volume @ 100

28.5 L

54 L

Assumed Boil off rate per hour

3.5 L

4 L

Post Boil Kettle Volume @ 20

24 L

48 L

Post Boil Efficiency



Target Original Gravity



Target Final Gravity






Colour (SRM)



IBU Calculated



Packets of recommended yeast - Lallemand Voss Kveik



Packets of recommended yeast - MJ Voss Kveik



This kit contains:

Detailed recipe and instructions.

Grain (milled or unmilled)

  • Ale Malt
  • Wheat Malt
  • Rolled Oats
  • Gladiator
  • Sour Grapes (depending on source water)


  • Sabro

Brewing salts (if required)

Please select the source water you will be using to receive the correct salts. The target water profile is provided for brewers using another source water so that the correct mineral/acid additions can be calculated to achieve the target water profile and mash pH. Brewing salts and lactic acid can be purchased here.

Kettle Finings

  • Brewers Carageenan

Yeast Nutrient

  • Yeast Vit


This kit is only put together when ordered. All hops are kept vacuumed sealed and refrigerated. Yeast is also kept refrigerated.

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