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Bouncer Filter - Classic

The Bouncer Inline Beer Filter allows you to brew better tasting and clearer beer, with less waste, and without pumps or additives! Simply connect the filter between your fermenter and keg, or between your boil kettle and fermenter.

Perfect for up to 25 L batches.

Key features

  • improves the taste and clarity of your beer by filtering trub, krausen, hops, and proteins,

  • built to last, use it over and over, custom molded from high quality thermoplastic and T304 stainless steel in the USA, use up to 65℃,

  • easy to use and clean, gravity fed so no need to pressurise or pump, fewer parts to clean and sanitise, fits 3/8" inner diameter siphon tubing (standard size),

  • doubles as a mini-Randall, simply attach to a growler filler and add fresh flavours into the glass, try citrus peels for a lighter beer, or cracked coffee for a stout.


Connectivity: 3/8″ hose barbs

Screen: 915 micron /  20 mesh

Filter Area: 4,974 square mm  /  7.71 square inches

Max Operating temperature: 65C  /  150F

Max Operating pressure: up to 150 psi at 21 C / 70 F