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BrewZilla and DigiBoil Heavy Duty False Bottom

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Heavy Duty False Bottom for DigiBoil and BrewZilla - 35L and 65L

Designed exclusively for the 3 Vessel homebrewing market that wants to take full use of a DigiBoil to be used as a Mash Tun/Lauter Vessel. It can also be used on the BrewZilla Gen4 and 3.1.1 units if you wish.

Welded together for maximum strength, unlike two-piece heavy-duty false bottoms on the market. Welded handles for ease and strength. This false bottom is so strong it withstood the weight of 1 x 100kg KegLand Staff member with 1 x 80kg Secondary KegLand Staff member.

35L Dimensions:
295mm Diameter
45mm Height

65L Dimensions:
390mm Diameter
48mm Height

Approximate dead space: 3L

From: Kegland