Filter - Beer & Water Filtering System


$29.95 NZD

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A 10 inch filter housing for filtering your beer prior to bottling or kegging, or to filter water.

For beer this filter works best when used when transferring cold uncarbonated beer. All you will need to do is purchase some hosing, clamps, ball locks (if transferring to or between kegs) and a 1 Micron Filter to use this system.

- Clear high pressure housing
- Purge valve to expel air pockets
- ½” BSP inlet and outlet
- Includes Duotight 9.5mm (3/8"") fittings
- Brass threaded ports for durability
- Compatible with other 10” filter systems

You will need a filter insert to use this system, like our 1 Micron Washable Filter (for filtering beer) and tubing (6mm ID/10mm OD).

To filter water you will need a 0.5 Micron Carbon Water Filter, and tubing (6mm ID/10mm OD).

Not suitable for hot liquids.