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Froth Rudeboy | FT21 (Hazy / English Ale)

Froth Rudeboy

Named by Dale Gould as a salute to the UK Ska music scene, Rudeboy is a go-getter when it comes to bright ales - or fuller sweeter Hazies thanks to the lower attenuation . This boy is highly flocculant and rather clean, with a neutral profile that nudges mild malt and soft fruit aromatics to the forefront. Rudeboy scrubs up well bright in all sorts from ESBs and Milds, Dark & Amber ales, as well as new and old world IPAs, Pale Ales & Hazies. 

Attenuation: 68-72% | Flocculation: High | Alcohol Tolerance: 9% | Temp: 18-22°C
Assumed Origin: Young’s Brewery


One pouch of yeast is good for:

  • 23L of wort up to 1.048 or

  • 20L of wort up to 1.060

Contains more than 200B yeast cells. For Lagers or high gravity ales use two pouches or make a starter.

How To:

  1. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  2. Massage pouch contents to mix into consistent slurry.
  3. Sanitise the outside of the pouch.
  4. Tear open pouch and pitch your yeast into well aerated wort at the desired temp.

Includes an ice pack for shipping at no additional cost to keep your yeast cool during transit. Refrigerate as soon as you receive your order.