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Gladfield Crystal Wheat

Speciality Malt

Crystal Wheat is a challenging malt to make in the roaster. The wheat grain has no husk so as you saccharify the grain in the roaster the risk of sticking to the roaster drum is high so Doug and the team carefully play with temperatures on the roaster to allow almost 100% saccharification without compromising the flavours and most importantly the roaster!

This is a limited edition, but the team are happy to replicate it if the demand is there for this malt.

Recommending at a ratio of 10% on a Saison would be our pick. Also, this malt would complement beer styles like Witbier and Berliner Weisse. But let's not be limited to these styles, let's experiment with any style you see fit, because, why not!?

Rate: Up to 25% but as with all Wheat consider adding a few oat hulls as the ratio increases to assist lautering efficiency.

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