Gladfield Maize Malt

$5.50 NZD

Speciality Malt

Premium maize grown in the South Island of New Zealand that has a starchy taste.

Maize Malt adds mild, less malty flavour to beers and less body. It also provides a drier and crisper beer. Typical Beer Styles include American Light Lager, Mexican Lagers, Pilsners. It is also suited for Bourbon Whisky making. Typical usage rates are up to 25% in beer and 51% in distilling. You could crush Maize Malt along with other malts depending on the size of your mills rollers. Small rollers such as those on mills for home brewers may not be capable of milling this malt easily. We recommend adding Rice or Oat Hulls to recipes using more than 10% of Maize Malt to avoid a stuck mash.

Use: Maize Malt adds mild less malty flavour to beers. Provides a drier and crisper beer.

Rate: Up to 100%