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Gladfield Supernova Malt

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Speciality Malt

Supernova Malt is a unique malt made by Gladfield Malt.

Supernova Malt is a roasted malt from Gladfield that adds nutty, toasted caramel flavours to a beer. It can be used as a replacement for traditional crystal malts to change the flavour characteristics and reduce the beers residual sweetness.

We start this malt with Canterbury winter barley and take it through our germination process before it is roasted to develop flavour and colour. This is a great malt to be used in any beer style.

We have already seen it used in Pilsners and IPAs between 10–25%.

We also recommend its use in an Amber Ale up to 25%, it adds a rich depth of malty flavour and really makes this style shine.

It goes well in a Porter up to 10–15%, complementing the darker roast malts and adding complexity.

Also great for Pale Ales for great toasty caramel flavours that won’t overtake the hops, use 5–10%.

Use: Adds toasted, caramel, nutty flavours to a beer.

Rate: Up to 25%

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