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Grainfather GCA Kit

The GCA Kit makes accurate temperature control more accessible for brewers. Whether you have a plastic or stainless steel fermenter, bucket or barrel, or even a conical, this kit has everything that you need to connect your fermenter to the Grainfather Glycol Chiller (sold separately).

It comes with a Glycol Chiller Adapter (GCA), heating pad, cooling coil, rubber bung, 4 x rubber bung stoppers, 2 x hose clamps and 2 x cooling connection hoses. The GCA also has wireless capabilities, making it compatible with the FREE Grainfather App, so you can control your fermentation temperature from anywhere.

Simply assemble the cooling coil and bung, and place this inside your fermenter. Attach the hoses to the cooling coil using the hose clamps and then also connect the other end of the hoses to the Glycol Chiller. Attach the heating pad and the temperature probe to the fermenter and then connect both cables to the GCA. Plug the power cord into the GCA, then connect the other end of the cord to the Glycol Chiller. Once set up and connected, the cooling coil and heating pad will regulate cooling and heating as required.

Now everyone can benefit from accurate temperature control and create even better beers!

View the Glycol Chiller Adapter Kit instructions online