Mangrove Jack's Beer Enhancer Brown Ale No.72 1kg


$8.10 NZD

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This Brown Ale Enhancer is specifically designed to be used in place of sugar or dextrose and will transform any Nut Brown Ale kit into premium quality beer - improving the body of the beer and amplifying the complexity of the flavours. 

Brew Enhancers:

The Mangrove Jack's Brew Enhancers have been carefully designed to be used with beer kits in place of sugar/dextrose. These will take a good recipe to the next level by improving:

  • Mouthfeel
  • Flavour
  • Head-retention


Check out the Mangrove Jack's Extract Recipe Kits to see how Mangrove Jack's enhancers can be used to create unique beers or beers similar to your favourite commercial brews.