Mangrove Jack's James Squire Golden Ale

$43.30 NZD

"Noted for its distinctive golden colour, The Chancer is brewed using toasted grains of wheat and barley with Amarillo hops for a tropical fruit aroma. Restrained bitterness with mild carbonation and a dry finish make it the ideal thirst-slaking beer."

Create a clone of James Squire Golden Ale with this recipe created by Mangrove Jack's.

This kit consists of:

  • Mangrove Jack's Traditional Crossman's Gold Lager
  • Mangrove Jack's Liquid Light Malt Extract 1.2kg
  • Mangrove Jack's West Coast yeast (to be used in place of the yeast that comes with the Traditional Series Crossman's Gold Lager)
  • Steep hops (vacuum sealed in oxygen barrier foil pouch) - 12g Amarillo