Mangrove Jack's Speight's Old Dark Clone

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"Old dark was introduced into the Speight's range in 1992 to meet consumer demands for the classic 'dark' beer. No prizes for guessing why it got its name. By carefully selecting, roasting and matching 5 separate malts we have crafted a dark beer that gives rich, creamy, chocolate fudge flavours swiftly followed by coffee overtones. Perfect for warming the cockles on a stormy night."

Create a clone of Speight's Old Dark with this recipe created by Mangrove Jack's.

This kit consists of:

  • Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series Rustic Brown Ale
  • Mangrove Jack's Enhancer NZ Draught 1kg
  • Mangrove Jack's New World Strong yeast (to be used in place of the yeast that comes with the Traditional Series Rustic Brown Ale)