NZ Pacific Jade Hops - 100gm

$9.20 NZD

NZ Pacific Jade is a dual purpose hop that provides a soft bitterness along with a fresh citrus and complex spice character.

Particularly well suited as a bittering hop where a softer bitterness is desired; it is equally well suited to late additions where it provides its pleasant citrus and spicy character to balance malt sweetness.

Technical Data

HPLC & Oil Composition (Measured within 6 months of harvest, stored at 0C)

Alpha Acids 12-14%
Beta Acids 7.0-8.0%
Cohumulone 24% of Alpha Acids
Total Oil 1.4 ml oil per 100gm cone weight
Concentration 92 uL Oil/gram Alpha
Myrcene 33.3%
Humulene 32.9%
Caryophyllene 10.2%
Farnesene 0.3%
Citrus-Piney Fraction 6.5%
Floral Estery Fraction 2.4%
H/C Ratio 3.6
Other 14.4%

Grower Comments

Maturity Mid to late season
Yield Moderate
Growth Habit Vigorous spring growth
Cone Structure Long and dense
Disease Resistance New Zealand is hop disease free
Storage Stability Good