Emily Red Twin Lever Bottle Capper


$33.60 NZD

The Emily Metal Wing Bottle Capper is a long lasting, smooth operating, reliable capper made from self-lubricating nylon and is surprisingly strong. 

The unique patented design has a gear driven head that makes capping a breeze since less overall force is required. This model is popular with home brewers for several reasons.

Features and Benefits

  • Riveted pivots for heavy usage.

  • Caps American sparkling wine bottles by removing and reversing the metal jaws.

  • For 26.5 mm bottle caps

  • Lighter than metal cappers

  • Wider handles – making it easier to operate.

  • A built in spring allows the capping mechanism to automatically retract when capping is completed.

  • Easy to use. - The built-in magnet allows the cap to be positioned in the capping head and then applied to the bottle rather applying the cap on top of the bottle first.

  • Made by Ferrari in Italy.