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Super F - Beer Finings - 100ml

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Super F is a blended formulation that has been specifically designed for the rapid sedimentation of yeast, protein and other haze forming particles primarily for use in tank conditioned beer.


  • Rapid action finings to be used in maturation or conditioning tank
  • Suitable for beers to be bottled
  • Suitable for keg beers
  • Low dosage rates
  • Super F is stable at ambient temperatures
  • Concentrated


Super F is best added during transfer of beer from fermentation vessel (FV) to maturation vessel or conditioning tank.

Rates of Use

This product must be mixed prior to use.

Rates of addition are typically within the range of 0.70ml per litre up to 1.75ml per litre. The exact rate will depend upon whether or not kettle finings have been used, the addition of auxiliary finings, the degree of yeast flocculation, yeast count, pH, temperature (chilling the beer is recommended for optimal performance) and the strength of the beer. Optimisations should be carried out to determine the dosage rates more accurately. If you have used the correct dosage rate the beer should clear in 24 - 48 hours. The sediment should be firm with no fluffy appurtenance above the sediment.

Super F is vegan friendly and meets the German Purity Law.

Purity level meets EU regulations for food and beverage applications.