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ATF Extract Recipe - Supercharger Clone

Panhead Supercharger is an award winning beer that is extremely popular. Panhead describes the beer as follows:

Hops are where it starts for the born-again craft head and Supercharger APA is where Panhead delivers. This is an all-American show with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe overwhelming your nose, kicking you in the taste buds and departing with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce. It's a seriously addictive combination.

The ATF Extract Recipe - Supercharger Clone is our recipe to replicate this much loved beer.

This kit includes malt and hops that require steeping.

Yeast is not included in the kit. We recommend using SafAle US-05, or you could also try using Mangrove Jack's West Coast Yeast, Lallemand’s BRY-97 West Coast Ale Yeast, or Lallemand Nottingham High Performance Ale Yeast.

The Details

Approx. OG 1.055
Est. FG 1.011
Est. ABV 5.75%
Est. IBU 51 - 55
Colour Deep Golden
Volume 23L
Recommended Yeast - US-05
1 pkt
Recommended Yeast - BRY-96 1 pkt
Recommended Yeast - MJ West Coast 2 pkt
Recommended Yeast - Nottingham 1 pkt


Kit Includes

  • Mangrove Jack's Brewers Series Golden Lager x 2
  • Mangrove Jack's Pure Liquid Malt Extract 600g
  • Gladfield Light Crystal Malt (requires steeping)
  • Gladfield Toffee Malt  (requires steeping)
  • Citra, Simcoe, & Centennial pellet hops - 288g (in two vacuum sealed foil bags; one for steeping & one for dry hopping)

Additional Equipment Needed

  • Stainless steel pot large enough to comfortably hold 10 litres.
  • Stainless steel spoon to stir wort.
  • Thermometer
  • Grain Bag

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