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Bouncer Filter - Mac Daddy

Similar to the Classic Bouncer Inline Beer Filter - but BIGGER. The Mac Daddy Bouncer has 224% more filter surface area, and three times the flow rate of the regular Bouncer.

Key features

  • the Bouncer's big brother, with more filter area and a higher flow rate - use on your big hoppy batches,

  • improves the taste and clarity of your beer by filtering trub, krausen, hops, and proteins,

  • built to last, use it over and over, custom molded from high quality nylon and T304 stainless steel in the USA, use up to 65℃,

  • easy to use and clean, gravity fed so no need to pressurise or pump, fewer parts to clean and sanitise, fits 3/8" inner diameter siphon tubing (standard size),

  • doubles as a mini-Randall, simply attach to a growler filler and add fresh flavours into the glass, try citrus peels for a lighter beer, or cracked coffee for a stout,

  • the Mac Daddy has 1/2" female pipe thread ports to adapt easily to standard 1/2” fittings. Use the included 3/8” or 1/2” hose barb adapters, or add your own quick-connect adapters to fit your set up. Use your Mac Daddy Bouncer out of the brew kettle, out of the fermenter, or out of your serving tap.


Connectivity: 1/2″ NPT female,  1/2″ hose barbs,  3/8″ hose barbs

Screen: 915 micron /  20 mesh

Filter Area: 11,161 square mm  /  17.3  square inches

Max Operating temperature: 65C  /  150F

Max Operating pressure: up to 100 psi at 52 C / 125 F